How to make your Diet WORK this time!

Are you sick of Yo Yo Dieting? Tired of giving up? Tried all of the Diets and they just don’t work for you?

Make this the last time!

Remember, take it step by step. Do not jump in at the deep end. Do not go from eating 3,000 calories to 1,500 because this will shock your body. In the same way, do not go from eating whatever you want to expecting to be 100% “clean” as this will shock your mind too much and it will not be sustainable.

Try first making simple exchanges in your diet to “clean it up” in an easier way. This can educate you in healthy choices and being conscious with what you eat. Once this becomes easy, you can then set specific goals.

Work out your calories and macros, either with help from a coach or independently. Think of your goals as a BANK.

For example:

If you have 200g carbs in your plan, and you eat 50g for breakfast, you have 150g left.

You can “spend” your macros with what foods you like (preferably from what is recommended) but then you will have to balance this out with the rest of the day if you want to progress.

Also take into consideration when you find yourself feeling hunger. Do not use all of your allowance in meals 1 and 2 then be hungry all day when you know you are hungriest at night. This will cause you to struggle and cravings will increase!

Try to utilise most of your allowance around your workouts. Again, this will be when your body and mind will be “hungrier” and need more nutrients.

If you still find it hard to hit these goals every day. Do not be disheartened. Maybe arrange your plan to hit your WEEKLY goals.

Once you have worked out these macros for one day, multiply this by 7. This is your weekly goal in each category. Every day track what you have hit in each. If you go over one day (eg you eat 200g carbs over your goal) you still have 6 other days to “make this up” and hit your weekly goal. Just drop some carbs for the next day or over the next few days.

This also makes it easier to plan in social events. If you know you are eating big one night, pre calculate an estimate (always estimate slightly higher for safe measure) and work around your numbers for the rest of the week so that you are still on track.

This way you are will be on top of your numbers and this can lead to lack of guilt!

Another tip for staying on track. Always TRACK – use my fitness pal so that you can move different foods around in your day and still know what you are consuming without being bored.

And meal prep. Once you have decided what you are going to have. Make it and take it with you – to work, to town etc. This way, if you feel peckish you will stick to your plan and will not be swayed by choice or lack of it. This can also help when at home. If you have pre-prepared something you are more likely to eat it then to let it go to waste and not snack on whatever you can.

Finally, forget the guilt. Depending on your goal, this is meant to be a lifestyle choice. And as we know, no one is 100% successful and on-point 100% of the time YOU ARE HUMAN and as long as you keep positive and try your best to utilise all you can. You are doing YOUR BEST. Which is all you can.