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BioTech USA, Iso Whey Zero, 2.2kg


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BioTech USA, Iso Whey Zero, 2.2kg

PURITY ABOVE ALL – Biotech iso whey zero  is made with the purest cross-flow micro filtered whey protein isolate (WPI) possible, while it truly contains ZERO lactose, ZERO trans fat and ZERO added sugar.

Biotech Iso Whey ZERO, like all BioTech USA supplements, consists of 100% safe, carefully selected nutrients.

Some like it lean The extremely high biological value of proteins makes Iso Whey ZERO absolutely unique in the BioTech USA product line. It’s perfect for athletes who aim for ultra-lean muscle gains as proteins contribute to muscle mass growth and muscle maintenance.

When we say ZERO we mean ZERO It’s true: Iso Whey ZERO contains ZERO trans fat and ZERO added sugar. No useless or hidden nutrients that could be stored by the body as fat.

Only 22 g of pure muscle building Iso Whey Protein in each serving. High BCAA, L-Glutamine, EAAs Manufactured with carefully selected protein sources, the amino profile of Iso Whey ZERO is perfect for real muscle gains.

It is high in BCAAs and EAAs (essential amino acids) as well as L-Glutamine, the most important amino acids aiming to build lean muscle mass.

Available in the following flavours:

  • Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Lemon Cheescake
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Pistachio
  • White Chocolate
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