best vegan protein powders

Top 5 Best Vegan Protein Powders

Not all protein powder is equal, especially when you are shopping for the best vegan protein powder. With so many different types of vegan protein powders, all the choices can overwhelm you. This is especially true when you are looking for one that can accommodate your dietary and taste needs. 

Today, we are going to narrow down what you should be looking for in a great protein powder as well as highlighting some of our favorite vegan protein powders. Let’s get started!

What to Look For in a Vegan Protein Powder 

How do you choose the best vegan protein powder for your body? Well, it starts with figuring out what you want and what you need it to do for you. Here are a few factors you should consider: 


Some powders are meant to be used after a workout, while others can replace a whole meal. Subsequently, you can only use some powders in a smoothie while you can bake or blend others with your meal. Figuring out what is the most convenient and practical way for you to digest your powder is a great place to start when you are shopping. 


It is essential to consider the ingredients in your protein powder. While all of the vegan powders are plant-based, you may end up liking powders sourced from specific plants, like peas or chia seeds as opposed to other plants, like pumpkin.

Scoop Size

Silly to say, but the scoop size can make or break your desire to take protein powder. Generally, scoop sizes are large, but you may end up favoring a particular powder because it requires you to take less. 

Other certifications

Often, vegan protein powders can be gluten-free, Keto-friendly, and compatible with those who are lactose-intolerant. If you have any restrictions on your diet, keep in mind as there are so many vegan protein powders that will accommodate your needs. 

The Best Vegan Protein Powders

Now that we’ve covered what to look for, let’s take a look at our top recommendations: 

1 – 10X Athletic Vegan Protein

Designed specifically with flavour in mind, we think that 10x Athletic Vegan Protein is the best tasting vegan protein powder available today. Primarily a pea-based protein powder, which packs 20g of protein in every scoop, 10x Vegan is hypoallergenic and easily digestible.

Available in two delicious flavours – Chocolate Strawberry and Strawberry Banana, 10X Vegan has the added benefit of being one of the few vegan protein options that is also Informed Sport Approved.


  • Available in two delicious flavours
  • Informed Sport and GMP verified
  • Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free and Lactose Free


  • Large scoops required
  • May be too sweet for some 

2 – KOS Organic Protein Powder

KOS’s main feature is its ability to help keep your digestive system running smoothly because of the fibrous content. There are several flavor options, but the mocha blend provides the best flavor, making it great for chocolate lovers. 

The mocha blend is infused with organic Peruvian cacao, Himilayan salt, coconut milk, and sweetened with stevia making it one of the best tasting vegan protein powders on the market. 


  • Use as a smoothie or bake into a meal


  • Large scoops

3 – Naked Pea

There are no artificial sweeteners or additives in this 100% pea-based vegan protein powder. It comes in several flavor options, which are excellent and with different recipe ideas. Versatility is great when it comes to dietary restrictions, but it does take some time to get used to the taste. The organically sourced peas in the powder can also be an acquired taste.


  • Great for pre and post workouts
  • Use it as a smoothie or in a dish. 


  • The taste may be unfavorable to some

4 – Orgain Organic Protein Powder

Orgain’s protein powder pulls its nutrition from a blend of organic peas, chia seeds, and brown rice. The protein powder works great as a meal replacement, smoothie, and muscle recovery. There are a variety of flavors available with this brand, which is excellent for those who are very particular about their protein powder. 


  • Versatile in use
  • Lactose-free, dairy-free, gluten-free
  • Great taste


  • Grainy taste

5 – VEGA Sports Premium Protein

This sports-specific protein powder is good when used after a workout. You can drink it in a shake or blend it with a meal. It also comes in a variety of flavors so that it is easier to digest. The ingredients with this one are  very sport-specific for after a workout. 

Some of the ingredients in it include tart cherry, turmeric extract, and CFU probiotics. There are a variety of flavor options as well, so that it settles without issues when you drink it. 


  • Vegan-certified and GMO Project Verified
  • Available in a variety of flavors
  • Keto-friendly


  • Large scoops required
  • May be too sweet for some 


With the different types of vegan protein powders available for you to choose from, it can be overwhelming to try and find the right one. The best way to navigate this market is by figuring out what you want a vegan protein powder to do for you. Next, decide what ingredients or flavors you are looking for. Knowing your dietary restrictions can also help you in figuring out which direction to go. 

When you do figure out the best vegan protein powder your body prefers, you will start to feel its energizing effects after a couple of uses. If you have a favorite type of vegan protein powder, let us know below what it is and why you like it so much.